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Graphic Design


03 Through

          P.O.P. Site & Brand

          December 2020
          Student work

Through is a brand to help assist make public transportation more convenient by using reloadable cards to pay for ride fares. A purchase concept, brand, and 3D point of purchase site for public transportation. Through focuses on the average commuter who has to navigate between different transit systems as well as new visitors and tourists.

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Brand Concept

Researching public transportation I was tasked with trying to improve it with a brand. Using a 3D Mobius strip to as a brand element, I tried to communicate in a way that could be open to many different audiences.  A mobius strip is a non-oriantable shape that if you follow a plane you will infinitely loop around the object. This is a metaphor for how public transit can be reliable and dependable for a commuting audience that rides public transit often.

Point of Purchase Views

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