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Graphic Design

Welcome to my portfolio, feel free to look around.

01 Afloat

          Brand & Packaging
Afloat is a quirky brand for those looking for dairy alternatives that are delicious and sustainable. A beverage brand concept that includes two or more packages, visual elements, and retail packaging for dry products. Afloat was made to create a brand that is eco-conscious from its product to its packaging.


02 Sound Strain

A comparison on the sound level of 3 cities: Guangzhou, China; Zurich, Switzerland; and New York City, New York. This infographic is intended to show how the different cities compare as well as visually conveying how sound is measured. To highlight the issue of sound pollution, the decibel scale is used along with how loud different cities' noises register.

03 Through

          P.O.P. Site & Brand
Through is a brand to help assist make public transportation more convenient by using reloadable cards to pay for ride fares. A purchase concept, brand, and 3D point of purchase site for public transportation. Through focuses on the average commuter who has to navigate between different transit systems as well as new visitors and tourists.


04 W.H.O.

The World Health Organization helps aid those who are not only inflicted by trauma and sickness but also overall mental health. This is a branding redesign of major intergovernmental organizations meant to focus on main and secondary branding. This project is to create a brand that helps encompass the organization goals and values to better communicate their brand.

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